Objects in mirror AR closer than they appear

AR Experience

Enter a world of chance and new imaginative possibilities through this interactive new media installation based on the critically-acclaimed theatrical performance THE OBJECT LESSON by Geoff Sobelle! In the year since it was on the NYTW stage, a team of artists and innovators have pushed the boundary between technology and live performance, first with subject:object, a 360’ short film, and now with a full interactive new-media installation straight from the sold-out run at Tribeca Storyscapes, the interactive media division of the Tribeca Film Festival. Created by Graham Sack, Geoff Sobelle, John Fitzgerald, and Matthew Niederhauser, objects in mirror AR closer than they appear fuses augmented reality technology with an immersive theater installation, inviting audiences to reflect on the relationship between new media and archaic objects; 21st-century technology and 19th century magic; and memory and optical illusion. The piece creates a philosophical playground to explore the shifting relationship between images, memories, and things.

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    Rua Cardeal Arcoverde,

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