Senior Game Developer

Gameplay Developers turn game and interaction ideas into code and functioning XR software. They will be involved in developing and integrating various aspects of a project's creation from concept to finished product including coding, programming, audio, design, production and visual arts. They must also work closely with the Game Designers and the team to deliver a great user experience and construct tools and components for them to build levels and interactions.

Main Cross-Functional Activities:

  • Be assertive about what you believe is the best for the product, in every circumstance, but also be able to "disagree and commit", after the decision is set by every stakeholder.
  • When leading the game development of a product, collaborate with the Creative Director and Product Manager to define the direction and prioritization of its systems' tasks.
  • Keep in contact with the Game Development chapter to make sure the product follows the best practices in its internal architecture, reuse of code, and systems' performance
  • Take the initiative to decide the best moments for system refactors and optimizations, taking into account the value of the improvement vs. the time to finish the iteration.
  • Make judgment calls about how to test the product, for instance: through a rough prototype, to validate the core of new ideas; automated unit and integration tests to make quicker iterations; or helping the QA with tools for gameplay tests.
  • Find the most effective way to complete the required tasks, and do your best to give good estimates of effort; communicate relevant issues quickly.
  • The most senior developer in the room is responsible to do what needs to be done to complete the project, from the most daunting task to the most mundane. Find the relevant help; learn what would be necessary to complete the required task; or go back to the drawing board with the relevant stakeholders. Reliability is key.
  • Have a good sense of your capabilities and of those around you, and do your best to share knowledge between developers and with other disciplines.
  • Be sure to do it yourself and to make sure to help other developers in the team to:
  • Deliver tasks well tested and without conflicts.
  • Integrate new SDKs and device run-time environments.
  • Iteratively collaborate with non-developers to create new tools and interfaces.
  • Ensure timely resolution of bugs and software issues post-release.
  • Work with the team to bring projects from conception to final QA.
  • Work with the game designer to build early prototypes.
  • Develop and maintain game state machines, controllers, and support systems.
  • Help other members of the team to use and extend your components.

Must Have:

  • Solid understanding of game systems architecture, to be able to balance the required complexity with a structure simple to understand, to encourage collaboration.
  • Know how to make tradeoffs between optimal and possible solutions given the constraints at the moment, to allow for cuts and improvements, and to avoid dead-ends.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with other developers and team members of different disciplines, to achieve common goals.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with a high degree of independence and an innate intuition for task prioritization
  • Willingness to observe, absorb and modify their own work based on many avenues of artistic criticism
  • Constantly looking for self-improvement, learning new skills, and delivering the highest quality output
  • Always giving and receiving constructive and creative feedback
  • Fluency in the English language
  • Strong debugging, profiling, and run-time analysis skills
  • Solid C# skill with a good knowledge of the Unity API
  • Know how to design clean architectures of large systems with multiple subsystems
  • A good sense of how to create safe reusable code
  • Experience with Agile Development and prototyping and iterating solutions

Nice To Have:

  • Be familiar with Google G Suite, Monday, Slack, and Github.
  • Previous knowledge or experience with VR and AR content is desirable.
  • A passion for Games, Movies, TV, Art, Animation, Electronics, RPGs, Theater, and narrative experiences would be a great plus.
  • Experience with game development.
  • Optimize XR content for release on a variety of platforms.
  • Unity Editor UI and inspector extensions.

Recruiting Process:

  • Apply for the position.
  • A test will be sent.
  • Selected candidates will be invited for an initial interviewing process
  • Final candidates will meet the team and go through final interviews
  • Decisions will be e-mailed right after


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