(Pleno) Narrative Designer

Main Cross-Functional Activities:

  • Working within the team, the Narrative Designer conceives, creates and advocates appropriate narrative features, as well as writes narrative content and ensures it is embraced by the final product.
  • Bring out documents and tools that materialize the project's narrative content, such as emotions curve, beat sheet, synopsis, mind map, screenplay and any other similar tool.
  • Create descriptions and backstories for characters, locations, objects, events. Together with the Production Design team and the creative director, bring out worldbuilding systems
  • Collaborate with the Development team to create real time tools for implementing the narrative content in the experience.
  • In collaboration with the Game Design team and the Creative Director, define the flow of events inside the experience; follow the implementation of dialogues, animations, audios, events timings, props etc.
  • Create a functional documentation and make sure the entire team and stakeholders are constantly irrigated by the narrative elements
  • Ensure the project is understandable and cohesive, from the user’s point of view; follow and report user tests.
  • Produce texts summarizing the narrative content for distribution purposes (festival registrations, pitch decks, etc.)
  • Create a repertoire of narrative VR experiences and present new immersive experiences to the team.

Must Have:

  • Previous experience in narrative content creation teams.
  • Willingness to observe, absorb and modify their own work on behalf of each project.
  • Constantly looking for learning new skills and increasing their repertoire.
  • Always giving and receiving constructive and creative feedback.
  • Fluency in Portuguese and English languages.
  • Fully understanding and experience creating narrative structures, plots beats, emotional progress and all elements of classical storytelling.
  • Exceptional writing ability.
  • Willingness to find the balance between narrative, interaction and ludology aspects in immersive experiences, and ability in the integration of story and interactions/game-play into the final product.
  • Passion for Movies, TV, Visual Arts, Litterature, Theater, great stories in general, independently of their media.
  • Previous scriptwriting for film, TV or games.
  • Technical or Bachelor of Arts, Cinema, Media, Creative Writing, Literature degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to interact, both verbal and written, with team members of different disciplines.
  • Be open to learning new methods and frameworks.

Nice To Have:

  • Be familiar with Google G Suite, and screenwriting softwares.
  • Previous knowledge or experience with VR and AR content is desirable.
  • 3+ years of experience in writing at a studio or production company, or equivalent writing experience in a role at an established content producer.
  • Video Games industry experience is a plus.
  • A passion for Virtual Reality

Recruiting Process:

  • Apply for the position.
  • Selected candidates will be invited for an initial interviewing process
  • Final candidates will meet the team and go through final interviews
  • Decisions will be e-mailed right after


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