Social Media and Community Manager

The Social Media and Community Manager at ARVORE is responsible for creating and managing effective ways to increase our audience and communicate our brands and products through media, ads, public relations, social and community outreach. You will be responsible for building, engaging and maintaining the fan-base of the games created by ARVORE. You will work closely with the Marketing team and Product Stakeholders (Director, Product Manager) to ensure original and high-quality content is being published through social media channels that ties into and furthers the product goals and objectives, increasing its reach and ensuring conversion into sales and downloads.

Main Cross-Functional Activities:

  • Create and publish relevant, original, high-quality content for ARVORE and its products on social media and , ads and promotional spaces , as well as our ‘Owned Media’ channels, including free and paid campaigns (using images, video, written, and interactive assets).
  • Manage community outreach with the goal of transforming Fans into Customers and Customers into Advocates. Develop, expand and track community and influencer outreach efforts.
  • Proactively propose new ideas and smart and efficient ways to promote our products on social media, payed, owned and platform channels.
  • Work closely with the product stakeholders to establish an effective and efficient social media and community engagement strategy.
  • Create and manage a regular content publishing schedule in accordance with the goals and plans established in the product marketing strategy.
  • Keep up to date and follow the trending and hot topics within our product’s communities to identify areas of opportunity to grow engagement.
  • Identify and leverage the right and most cost-efficient tools to manage the communications, ads, content publishing and develop better data visualization for decision-makers in the company.
  • Manage and oversee social media and online advertising campaigns.
  • Manage our social communication channels ("Owned Media").
  • Work closely with the Marketing team to create, curate and manage content to be published on our social media channels.
  • Monitor, listen and respond to users in a timely manner through our social channels, being the public "voice" of the brands, products and company, managing escalations as needed . Streamline communication between internal teams and users.
  • Work closely with the Marketing Team on the design of our social media channels.
  • Implement and supervise content KPIs to demonstrate and report success and ROI of community programs and content.
  • Analyze and report key metrics and campaign results to the Head of Marketing and other product stakeholders (such as the Creative Director and Product Manager).
  • Create player-facing resources and content such as explanatory videos, FAQs and guides.
  • Initiate, organize and coordinate events involving studio visits from fans, chats with Development Teams, contests, as well as podcasts, documentaries and other engaging material from internal teams.
  • Manage crises related to the user's perception of our products (be it a negative review or broader reactions of the community about something unforeseen).
  • Connect the community with the appropriate person in the company to solve user problems, being it the QA team, or the product teams.

Must Have:

  • Proven professional experience in Social Media Marketing, Community Building and Engagement.
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of different social media/ communications channels and their respective participants, as well as which platform is more effective for each different scenario.
  • Advanced understanding and creativity to create efficient social media content with the highest reach and conversion.
  • Superior Time-management skills.
  • Take the lead and guide others when necessary, as well as the ability to work across and integrate multiple different areas of the company.
  • Knowledge of good Ads managing, SEO Principles, Analytics techniques and good knowledge on delivering on marketing KPIs.
  • Demonstrates winning social Customer Service techniques such as empathy, patience, advocacy, and conflict resolution.
  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Strong Creative Writing skills.
  • Native English is desirable, fluency is required.
  • Fluency in Portuguese.
  • Knowledge of VR games and different XR platforms.
  • A Passion for Games, Storytelling and VR.

Nice To Have:

  • Great connections and established relationships with VR Influencers and the VR community.
  • Knowledge in Public Relations.
  • Videomaking and editing skills is a plus.
  • Basic Knowledge of Unity, to be able to load scenes and record from within the editor without requiring help from the development team.
  • Spark AR and other AR filter creation software is a plus.
  • Advanced Knowledge of VR and XR platforms.

Recruiting Process:

  • Apply for the position.
  • Selected candidates will be invited for an initial interviewing process
  • Final candidates will meet the team and go through final interviews
  • Decisions will be e-mailed right after


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